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The terms and the conditions of use, consisting from the premise, from the general conditions of sale, from the privacy policy and from the rules on the license of use, regulate the right of use all the products displayed in the window of the web site:

By ordering, by downloading, by installing or otherwise by using, also online, the digital products exposed on the site, the Customer declares to have read the Privacy Policy and accept the terms and the conditions of use of this contract and the constraints arising from it.

The activity of business counseling can be exercised, not only personally, but even through the use of tools or digital products. The products shown on this site are intended as virtual containers of knowledge, skills and experience of business management which through the use of specials software such as Microsoft Excel on Desktop and Online and OpenOffice Calc, used as vehicles, are transferred via internet and made available to customers who will use them for a fee, in dynamic manner and with customization of the digital content, after obtaining the relative license of use.
Therefore, the license to use the products, as defined above, is intended as a license or permit for use of the knowledge, of skills and of experience of business management which, for a fee, are transferred to customers who request them for improving management operating of their company.


Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

The contract stipulated between the Professional Study of Silvano Russo (hereafter called "Study"), headquartered in Latina (Italy), zip code 04100, Via M. D'Azeglio n.5, VAT IT01364470599, and the client (called hereinafter "Customer") is meant concluded with the acceptance, even partial, from part of the Study, of the order of customer and after the payment of the price fixed for the grant of license of use of the products displayed in the showcase of site.The Study reserves the right, however, at its absolute discretion, to accept or decline any orders that will made by customers through the website or through e-mail without that they can raise claims or rights of any kind, in any capacity, also at way of the compensation, in the event of non-acceptance of the order.

By placing an order in manner described on the website, the customer declares:

- to have read all the indications provided to obtain the license of use of the digital products indicated on website;

- to accept, in full, the general conditions and of payment arrangements described below;

- to have found satisfactory the products described and placed in vision in the site through images, even partial, of their functioning;

- to accept the limitations of warranty of the products granted with license of use, as well as are described below

- that he is aware that the price to pay for the use of the products displayed on the site it relates, exclusively, at the obtaining their license of use and not to the eventual use, by the Study, of the softwares used only as tools and vehicles in order to make available  the customer his intellectual works.

It is forbidden to the customer to enter false and/or invented and/or fantasy in the registration procedure or in the mails required to activate against him the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications. The biographical data and the e-mail address must be exclusively own, real and not of some other person or fantasy. It is, also, forbidden to minors do the registration. The Study reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse.

Orders and ways purchasing the products

The customer can only purchase products presented on the site at the time of to forward the order. Such products are represented by means of images even partial, at the address (URL)

The Study reserves the right to change, at any time, the technical contents and illustrative of the products displayed on the site at the sole purpose of improving them and make them more useful to users' needs without any prior notice.

The descriptive notes of the product, constituting a simple aid for the customer, are merely illustrative and may not be binding for the determination of the characteristics of the products.

The customer, when making the purchase order will have to enter all the data required by the system, and to engage to verify the correctness and to communicate promptly their correction or variation.

Among the data to be entered, the customer must always insert the tax code and VAT number or, only the first one, if he has not VAT registration.

In the case of non-acceptance of the order, the Study agrees to send a timely communication to the customer.

Important notes for the customers

All the prices of the products displayed on the site were indicated with "excluding tax." 

The customer like taxable person in other states of the EU will have to indicate at the time of his registration, even its number of Vat match preceded by its own country code. This indication, provided that the VAT number is correct, will allow to the transferor (Study) to invoice with the indication "reverse charge" and without application of tax. Otherwise, the customer will be treated like to a private customer UE, to which  will be charged on the invoice the VAT tax of own country of origin.

The Study provides assistance for products sold only if the request for assistance is made through the email address indicated on the site or by chat, if this is enabled and, anyway, in the manner indicated at the voice : "Assistance".


The payment of price of license of the use of the products displayed on the Site, may only be made through PayPal, credit card or bank transfer and in any case according to the payment methods indicated on the site at the payments voice. Chinese customers can make the purchase through Pilibaba. The customer is required to choose when purchasing the mode of payment. This choice, once completed the purchase of the service, can no longer be modified.

Limitations of Warranty and of Liability of the Study

The Study does not warrant that the product, in this case the software included in the spreadsheets, meets the special needs of the customer and can never be considered responsible, the inability to manage it, was in own that to the Client and to third parties for damages caused by incorrect use of product or by the inability to manage it. Except the binding limits required by law, the Customer agrees that limit maximum of liability of the Study, in the case he is also the producer of the software, for damages ascertained of any kind, or resulting in any capacity, or connected to the interruption and/or suspension, also for technical problems, of the use online and on desktop of products, to their malfunction, also because of an incorrect translation into other languages of the operating instructions of the products and of the website pages, is constituted by the reimbursement of the only amount paid by the Customer by way of consideration for the license of use of the file containing the application for the which it was granted the license of use. Is excluded the right of reimbursement of any greater damages.

In no event, the Study can be considered liable:

-for the lost profits, for the lost savings, for the accidental damages, for the unpredictable damages, consequential or indirect arising from: use of the software; lack of use of the software; from its use no correct; from the incompatibility of product with other  products or hardware used by the Customer; from the loss, alteration or modification of data or programs;

-for any claim for damages made ​​by third parties to the Client for the malfunction in the software.


The professional Study guarantees that any information provided for commercial purposes (for the purchase of license of software products by customers) or for professional purposes (for concession of professional assignments by customers) or for information purposes (to give more information about the products, about the license agreement of use and about the other matters stated on the site) will be treated in accordance with Legislative Decree n.196 / 2003. 

The Study also communicates that pursuant to the Legislative Decree n.196 / 2003, the data of customers provided at the time of the purchase order and/or at the time of compilation of the bill are excluded from the consent as collected in accordance to the fiscal obligations required by law, and in accordance with regulations by Community law and, in any case, used for the sole purpose of meeting the obligations under the contract of purchase or as needed to perform the obligations under the contract which is a part of the customer, or because they are needed to fulfill before the conclusion of the contract, to specific demands of the people concerned (art. 24, paragraph A and B of the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003). 

As for the personal information of the clients to which the activity takes place professional, the Study communicates that the above personal data are collected only for the accomplishment of the professional assignments. 

The personal data of website visitors which are acquired on line through live chat, or through e-mail, are collected only in order to give them an answer to the request for further information about the products, for how to purchase the license to use and, anyway, for about anything else useful to the conclusion of the contract. 

Request of removal personal data 

Personal information is collected in order to register the customer and provide him with the procedures for the accomplishment of the professional assignment or the implementation of the trade agreement as well as for sending the related communications. In case of request for further information is collected only for this purpose. 

These data are recorded in protected computer support and the paper forms are properly maintained and protected by the Study, in accordance with the laws.

Personal information may be disclosed only upon request of the Judicial Authority or for other purpose authorized by law. 

The party enjoys the rights under Art. 7  Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and that is: to seek confirmation of the existence at the Studio of personal data, to know their origin, the logic and purpose of their treatment; to obtain the updating, rectification and integration; to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block in case of unlawful processing them; to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons or if the data is used for sending advertising material, commercial information, market research, direct marketing and interactive marketing communications. 

The Study subordinates the achievement of the cancellation of their personal data by sending a written notice to the email address:


The following general conditions concerning the use of software products displayed on the site and are an integral part of the contract of license of use.

All digital products displayed on the site, mainly constituted by software of models economic, financial and management, have been created by Silvano Russo entered in the register of Chartered Accountants of the Province of Latina (Italy) n. 316 Section A, using spreadsheets of the Microsoft suite for Excel format and spreadsheets of the Apache Open Office suite for ODS format (Open Document Spreadsheet). In particular, for the products displayed on the site and which are available only online  have been used the functions of Excel Online and of OneDrive of suite Microsoft Office 365. 

All software products on desktop displayed in the window of the web site, work only with the Windows OS. Access to and use of online products is via internet and does not require special OS. The data entered or modified in the Browser are exclusive of customer, they are reserved and protected by the Studio.

The digital products (software) displayed on the site, including the documentation on line or electronic and anything else associated with them, are the exclusive property of Silvano Russo domiciled in Latina (Italy) Via M. D'Azeglio n.5, VAT IT 01364470599. Therefore, the contract concluded with the Customer has like object only the granting of the license of use, non-exclusive and temporary, of the software and not, even, the transfer of his property which remains, by right, to his author Silvano Russo.

Given the above, the present license of use elapsing, de facto, without particular formalities and at the predetermined conditions, among the Customer, legal person or natural person, and the Study only after the conclusion of the contract.

For installation and the operation of digital products displayed on the site it is assumed the availability, by the Customer, of devices hardware and software suitable for their use proper. The unsuitability of the said devices may provoke, for the customer, the inability to use the downloaded files, without that any responsibility can be ascribed to the Study, grantor of the service.So that, for example, the customer should order the product in OpenOffice format if in the product description or in the illustrative videos is suggested the use of that format because of the large size of some files.

The software products, object of the present contract, are protected by laws and international copyright treaties as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties, and in the terms and at conditions provided from this contract, the author and owner Silvano Russo, owner of Study, grants to the Customer,for a period of 8 years, the right temporary,non-exclusive  and non-transferable to:

- install and use the Software On desktop for its personal or corporate purposes on a single computer of which he has a legitimate use;

- to use the software Online, independently and with the possibility of insertion and/or modification of the data directly from the browser, via a connecting link to the Internet and then to the product.

For products used On desktop, the right to use the software it's granted for a maximum of 9 years.

For products used Online the right to use the software it's granted in the period limits for which it was paid the price for the license of use (normally one year).

On the other hand, the Customer, user of the license:

- is not authorized to perform and / or distribute copies of the products obtained under license of use;

- is not authorized in any way to change the products obtained under license of use;

- is not authorized to remove or alter any communication of copyright relating to the products;

- is not authorized to reverse engineer, adapt, transform or modify the software products nor to incorporate them in other software;

- is not authorized to transfer and/or to yield to any title to third parties, because is  strictly personal, the internet connection link to the product, in case the user have purchased the license for online products.

For the use of online products, the customer is informed that the connecting link to the internet, and then to the product, will be comunicated by the Studio after the conclusion of the contract. The link is anonymous and, if not carefully guarded or is granted to third parties, could be used by anyone who comes into his possession, compromising, as well, the personal use of the online software.

The Customer acknowledges that prohibition and warning, and assumes all responsibility if multiple users access to the same online software causing malfunction and improper management for the personal link loss.The firm reserves the right to remove and replace at any time, at its sole discretion, the connecting link to online products when it is made, by the customer, a non-personal use and, therefore does not conform to the rules of this document.

The present contract of license of use provides the use of the files so as they are at the moment of download or use online. Therefore, the contract does not provide for any type of the updating, nor periodic and nor automatical, of files downloaded and the Customer user can never require, even if at payment, no updating, no changes and no customized integration.

All products downloaded or used on line are protected, in origin, from password to avoid that the user can write involuntarily in the cells of spreadsheets that contain the formulas. 

Right of withdrawal

Due to the nature of digital products displayed on the site the customer loses the right to cancel the contract when he received an email with details of the link and password to download the file and the link to connect to products On line. Therefore, the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal the contract before the delivery of digital products which will take place through the message sent by Alice Mail which, following the opening of the message, will send to the sender the notification that delivery was made. In cases other than those mentioned above, the withdrawal from the contract could be done with a simple email communication to the email address indicated on the site.

Information on additional services

In order to inform Customers about new services and special offers, the Study may send informative e-mails to the Customer, when he has marked, with a tick, the appropriate space indicated on the page relating to the process of buying the license of use of the products. If the Customer do not wish to receive such informative e-mails, he must : not mark with the tick the appropriate space or - if the space has been marked with the tick previously - may require the cessation of sending these e-mails anytime.

Communications and Complaints

All communications or the any complaints of the Customer against the Study, respect to the granting in use of the software, should be addressed to the email 

Applicable law - Jurisdiction

The contract between the Study and the Customer is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.

Any dispute will be exclusively competent the judicial authority of Latina (IT).